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JUDO'S CLOWN PRINCE, July 20, 2009
By David M. Goode "zen master of useless trivia"This review is from: The Godfather of Grappling (Hardcover)
When I call Gene LeBell the "clown prince of judo" it's done with the utmost of respect.The man's record speaks for itself.And I can't recommend this book enough.LeBell's stories about his days as a competitive judoka,professional wrestler and Hollywood stuntman are both fun and fascinating.As are his tales of his schooldays and service in the Coast Guard.Especially interesting are Judo Gene's recollections about his judo vs. boxing challenge match against light-heavyweight contender Milo Savage.A bout some people consider the forerunner to today's MMA matches.Another part of the book that I found particularly interesting was his relationship with the late George Reeves,television's original Superman.Heck,I would have probably bought this book just for the photo of Gene posing in his Mr.Kryptonite costume alongside Reeves as Superman.I would love to have seen these two grappling on their personal appearance tours with Reeves' television co-star Noel Neil.You'll also find interesting stories about Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee here. This is a great read and anyone who is a martial arts enthusiast should own a copy.However keep your distance from the book THE TOUGHEST MAN ALIVE which is nothing more than an unauthorized copy of this book.
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